The power abuse pyramid of CSA

I aim to explain as I did in my book in 2006 how the systems enforce a them and us scenario through the institutions structure itself, helped by aspirational  attitudes of employees, that keep everyone inline and not speaking out. You see the establishment itself is like a pyramid scheme. Power abuse is the nature of its system, and systems don’t work for people but they work well for processing. Perhaps this is why authorities have a natural affinity with abusers rather than abused. Like a darkly satanic code written within, dictating we are on top, we will not let you challenge what we do.

Nobody wants to be thought of as damaged as Diana was sometimes called, or upset important people or lose their jobs. The jails and mental institutions are full of child sexual abuse survivors in high percentages, the reason is because abusers are somewhere nearer the top of the system, at least a lot more than a child who is trying to grow amid abuse. The pressure from parents, school, society and a survivors status in relation to these, form the lower layer of this pyramid and this has an effect on the outcome of a CSA survivors recovery and future success.

A survivors testimony statistically is seldom heard in a court and more rarely achieves justice, as this reaches the top of the pyramid scheme, a level of fewer numbers and more power by percentage held by those than is fair and equal. Its not wealth inequality but power inequality that exasperates the wounded survivors, it’s not even remotely party political. The power of being able to make decisions about their own life, have authenticity over what they can and can’t say about their own past. While people on higher levels make flippant decisions authenticated by the state, often side by side abusers among their ranks, making judgements about victims lives, making things happen. In the Home Office the Home Secretary is responsible for sectioning individuals many of whom have been abused, convenient for the PIE members who were at large in that office.

The point of the pyramid is controlled by God knows what, but it’s pointless if it’s purpose is like so many institutions, power for powers sake alone and in defence of that alone. No one can really be the author of their own life experience and testimony under a structure like this one, no matter what level we exist on. We are all complicit within a systematic acceptance of this power that sustains all. A dysfunctional abuser facilitating, and abused disempowering scheme, that needs to be turned on the head from which it rots.