Christianity for cynics

Christianity is the religion that in its true essence, not the corrupted endtimes version we are living with is not about them and us, it is the key to freedom and exploration unknown to many other religions that are more like cults by comparison. Jesus was born into a conflict between Roman culture and Jewish culture which did thoroughly embody the division of them and us, the scapegoat the other that had different rules. Being the great rebel that he was Jesus broke many Jewish religious rules and infuriated many Roman ones too. The fact of being lost and found going on a personal voyage of discovery is so different to many religions with their set of strict rules. The prodicle son, the lost sheep, all explore these issues of loss of connection to the divine, loss so that they can be found again with a richer knowledge.

This constant pendulum of values the church swings between causes divisive unhealthy issues, yet the bible says those who seek to divide are from the anti christ, yet it’s hard to fault the teaching of Jesus that the church is supposed to represent. The Good Samaritan crossed the road despite the person he helped being “other” not because of, that was the whole point of the morality in the parable, not a strict set of we are here you are there, or we must help the outcast at the expense of our own either. The church has a right wing and a left wing slant that it swings between, more often to the left with dire consequences for society. It’s not even sure what values stand the test of time anymore, what is good what is bad. It has lost its power to teach, the reason is love of the weak the outcast or love of the righteous who don’t succumb, is at odds with itself. Those who stand firm resolute in today’s society look like the authoritarian personality that is becoming laughable, but those who secretly love purity because they have sexual disfunction try to appear that way too, and they modernise from within to accommodate others with overriding perverse desire, less relevant to the sustenance of our healthy former environment, the other being so determine to make themselves the in, and the norm the out.

The endtimes will be different as we see perversity and social control on a scale never before experienced. The cherry on the cake all world wars fought for has surepticiously been gaining territory as a one world government. In the Koran it says the slave will be the master in the end times, and talks of the fall and smoke of Babylon, the perverse West as they see us, Babylon being the mother of all perverts and prostitutes which in some ways our trading and lack of substantial moral understanding and lack of a caring society have made us.

The lack of unity through concentrating on the identity politics rather than the true identity of who we are internally…our soul our essence…

This is spoken of as a beast ridden by Babylon sitting as Queen which our metropolitan elite do, saying “we will never know mourning ” we are not able to see our impending victimhood, or develop a spiritual song to save our souls as many enslaved people did before because we are living a delusion based on something that appears to work but doesn’t. We all worship this borrowed image of perfection to cover the mark of the imperfect beast, our mechanised environments process us all this way. Those who have never yet recieved a kingdom (previously outcast)  will have their chance to rule for one hour with the beast. The division of good and bad is not a game, it’s not just Darwinian it’s real and a tangible evil, many on the left and some on the right want to distort and blur this, and it’s speeded up by cultural Marxism robbing and replacing our spiritual higher ground a culture on which we grew to become our better selves.

These sayings and dynamics not the overriding symbols of hell and damnation are what we need to gleen from the book of revelations that is full of clues to our societies downfall if we only looked. Those who destroy the earth will be destroyed, those who are persecuted in these times for their spiritual essense are at odds with Babylons materialistic rampage as was the woman clothed in the son when the dragon stood before her to devour her child before it was born, just as child abuse is rife and we are stood infront of so as not to deliver and house our children our future, as the dragon makes war against our seed. GOG and Magog the mascots and defenders of (baby) London (the great) spoken of by Bush regarding the war lead us to how the West is about to be paid back double as it says in revelations, for its greed and former empire and very few have woken up to this being drunk on it’s consumerism. In her was found the blood of saints and all those killed on the earth.

The attack on the divine is through all our former cultural links to hierarchy being removed. Art music literature, no more the sound of harps no more the sound of bride and groom. The book of Jude speaks of Enoch, no doubt read by his name sake it talks in depth about the rootless waves of foam feeding only themselves flattering others for gain at our wedding feast, harsh words spoken against, yet the lord comes with thousands upon thousands to judge. Just like the foaming river Tibre, waves of foam rootless, and scoffers in our apocalyptic times. They will change times and customs as is visible now, so be prepared and live in the times that we live not in wars gone by. Recognise those victimed by the communist leveling beast, recognise the statist who loves anyone who gives power even Babylon (the great) the great being such an irony….even though BabyLon has replaced original holy power and order and connection to the divine and is now riding a global Communist beast only to be consumed and consumered by its fire eventually.

The final empire it says will be unlike any other harvesting all in its path, the clue in that is there is no selectivity at all because it’s not morally inclined, who is like the beast who can fight against it, it seems to imply we are all like it, we have the same image of the sum of man used to mark us at the harvest of globalisation being all one, with no natural human discrimination to prevent the ultimate process.


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