The mark of the living Marxism cabal

I began my journey as a CSA survivor who had many intellectual spiritual and sociological interests that helped me gain the status of survivor, I use that word proudly and I know how much it peeves those in the peevish Orwellian LM gang who say it’s only for holocaust survivors. Mr Furedi just quoted he has a list for people comparing other hardships to the holocaust, I’m probably on it, barrister blog often smears people by who they follow in a similar way, these people are radicals.

A peevish attitude is not really a full enough description, one of the beasts they ride is the spiked publication, spikey is perhaps a better word for spiked political rebels without an obvious cause other than offensiveness to moral norms that they call moral panics. They have a spike in many non virtuous outlets (a few on heads used to scare too) cigarette sales, abortion rights, gay rights, rights to shout out about something almost out of a carnal desperation to find a reason to rail against it all, it’s  almost like they suffer from a kind of historical post traumatic stress that makes them impervious to suffering around – it could never be as bad as what they’re fighting and that’s usually something they have deemed outmoded like the fearful preciousness of traditional Christian norms.

They love to seem hard and defiant (too ignorant and fearful to believe in SRA)  but in reality they are so weak and spiky with thin shells, many evenings some of them behave as if they’ve had their gin spiked, well they do hijack men’s rights and celebrate values of swinging sixties feminism! It’s about as base in reality as celebrating the commodity of women and sex that went along with the red army rapes in Europe, liberating hey, if you enjoy that kind of freedom in your imagined regurgitated or relived escape from tyranny while creating yet another …but oddly even with very red roots they bring in right wing radicals who also celebrate control especially of the proletariat. Free speech is merely a guise to defuse and open up (on their own terms) debates that they can monopolise through disallowing the rise of victim concerns in case they cause a surge in the desire for a yokel folk hero to sort it out, someone who may have sympathies and a theory they can’t control involving a folk devil (something that disturbs this hierarchy greatly) almost as much as nativism that they despise as it contains something alien and not as jarring and pushy as the totalitarianism they seem to have a mad overwhelming genetic memory of the desire to fight against!

Their meetings such as the battle of ideas are filled with people of only their type and outlook how ever they try to dress it up. Just look out for Aaronavitch, Tatchel, barrister blog, Luke Gittos, Ian Dunt, Barbara Hewson if you ever go, all clones of the standard LM opinions, whatever you do don’t post truthful articles about Helen Reece (she advised Teresa May to allow paedophiles to adopt) you’ll get instant vitriol as I did from Claire Fox saying it was vile to post on her funeral day (no one had told me) James Heartfield apparently once a gay rights activist just says sick ghoul then marches off to tell matey Frank about the conversation that followed who subsequently blocked me on Facebook….These people are obnoxiously insulting to the mental health of many survivors, it’s their armery used to attack dangerous victims being sworn to object to victims having any true knowledge that gives them more credence they quash any attempt to rise or communicate with torrades of comments that they think gives them emotional dominance.

This brings me to Stanley Cohen who was recommended to some of us on the CSA survivors campaigning team by Barbara Hewson who is very influenced by Frank Furedi, often regurgitating odd anecdotes comparing CSA campaigners to Stalinist mobs attacking great men like Janner. Their leading philosophers do seem to still dwell in a darker age, yet harp on about the rights of children not to be abused being akin to Victorian morality. Moral panics have to be controlled by the press and manipulated by sociologists like Frank Furedi.

This group is not for the grass roots in any way (not in this land anyway)  they are anti environmentalist and seem to take a final stage of anti christ times to its enth degree by commodifying the world and its resources as if we must basely survive all hardships as it’s what humans do and have suffered far worse in the past lest we forget! It’s victim blaming is endemic in books like the cult of victimhood in endless articles calling people hysterical to believe the child sexual abuse scandals add up to anything at all, they are the hardline branch of the liberal elite, but hate their complexes and identity politics preferring brutal tunnel vision and the might is right route to power.

I am going to their annual weekend camp in July called the academy, wish me luck it’s based on a subject I know a bit about, selfhood, it took along while to become myself in a world where celebrating the reality wasn’t accepted within such a reordered world people pushing for rights everywhere but not looking around them, one foot in the past is what I recognise here and I aim to help enlighten them if possible. I’ve met many of them before and no matter their prejudice I’ve experienced far worse on my journey from those close and those distant I look forward to talking with them on a level where animosity has no meaning for me, and in person neither does it to them, it’s ideology we are fighting not each other, and that’s something I aim to win for the right reasons.


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