The end times – end of history as we know it.

Many ridicule from the safety of their armchair comfort zone, the reality of the end times. Often it’s through cognitive dissonance fear of being triggered or a self satisfied sense of scepticism.

These are usually the people who amassed power through being known as cogently  level headed or professional so they are usually the useful idiots we always hear! It is impossible to open a mind that has all its receptors closed, only when the rest of the world is saying it do they try and claim it was all a blue printof theirs long before, as I’ve seen with many turn coats who reclaimed nation state verses the cosmopolitan global agenda very late in the day! It’s the same with any awakening or regime change when it turns, everyone no longer claims they were ever say a communist or a fascist. I would like to know why the video of a speech made of Frank Furedi singing the praises of the nation state hasn’t been made public from the battle of ideas, perhaps it would be compromising?

Anyway nation states are a good place to start in deciphering the texts of revelations, for dubious beginners so I will give you a few leads to follow in a moment. Firstly when I discovered revelations I was only 19, it made sense to me, I read it without scepticism, no one was then fully understanding climate change in 1990, but being an outdoor person, going out in January not needing a coat seemed unusual. The storms and winds and floods exceptionally odd, to not have questioned it even more odd, but many people have been like boiled frogs over the past 25 years each bite of the extraordinary seeming just a little more unpalatable but not enough to reach for a bible in our culturally bankrupt socially engineered society. The link to the floods was understood by me partly through reading a verse saying “those who destroy the earth will be destroyed”. Simple enough idea when coupled with material greed spoken about in the Babylon empire we are being payed back double for, partly by the people in poorer places it had exploited and seduced and partly by god, so many people believe we owe a debt. Over production on earth has led to more water in the atmosphere causing unpredictable weather and floods…floods again written about in revelations as the dragon pursues/persecutes the women and her remnant seed as her place is in nature a place prepared by god. Hard not to make a contrast here as the bible does between the natural world and corrupt greed of cities.

The next part relates to the nation state, and involves the being payed back double for what we have gained, in our hearts we sit as queen and beyond understanding, drunk on only what we see in the here and now like the humanist society that leads us all in how to think. The society that fears uprising using clever Stanley Cohen social control to endorse the universal calm down dear, for our own good and that of minorities who are clearly stated as being given one hour to rule with the beast….importantly revelations states this is a group who have not yet recieved power / a kingdom. The alternative groups no one would have dreamed would be so prominent in the 80s but due to an advantage given by atheistic or unchristian theology have made enormous gains through the agenda to promote the outsider and identity politics.

The next clue is in GOG and Magog referanced in the book of revelations pertaining the gathering for the final battle. The part where the new world order created wars to reinact the final repatriation of Israel, and the Muslim world responded in kind, the world trade centre (no clue there) New York buying and selling etc…it’s too conspiratorial to even suggest! Bush had set this in motion by calling it a GOG Magog end times war in well documented talks with Chirac many years before. Of course I researched GOG and Magog in 1990 with no help from the internet that now teems with similar ideology. These ancient figures historically guard the city of London and bring me back to our part of this Babylondon the Great America the great. The city on many rivers that traded throughout the world and rides the scarlet beast that hates her and eventually destroys her being totally consumed (consumered)  by fire. This is the type of relationship our elites riding international communism have with us as we become ever more globalised. The time will come when our so called sacred humanist life styles come to an abrupt halt, the self, the image of perfection worshiped and made more and more perfect enslaving the beast that humans will become in comparison, we will then buy our divinity from Babylon as a way of hiding the beast, an outer divinity rather than an innermost one which is always the nature of corrupt power institutions like so many that hid abuse.

The mark of the beast is mentioned as six six six the Jewish number for imperfection the sum of man, not the son of man but the divinity of image is so deceiving lucipher being so bright! The seven is never quite achieved or payed off in this eternal debt! Is the mark of the beast any clearer yet and those with the mark buying and selling ? If not there’s still time to research, don’t listen to those with trauma agendas that try and compete the end time holocaust with their own line in the sand. Like in Malmo it’s probably all OK until it hits certain groups and Christians so unused to persecution and so beleagured by their supposed indebtedness to other nations and identity groups. Likely no one will notice that they’ve traded freedom, for cultural Marxist beads representing alternative rights that will eventually strangle freedom completely!

So to be afraid of what I discussed is illusionary, and  can’t compete with horrors of the past or pragmatic coincidences of human misfortune on a large scale like nuclear disasters or something more physical – WRONG. It’s not coincidence it has a clear patterns with many working to fulfil them for good or evil. The physical and spiritual persecution of Christians will clearly escalate, having had disempowered nation states since the war. Set up for this scenario with many working towards ends that have only one goal destruction and greed, or as it says in revelations they have one purpose to give their power and authority to the beast. The old moral codes completely gone, meaning you’d have to be some kind of praying miracle believing humanist to think that what remains of society will ever have what it takes to rise above such power but then humanist would sink into thinking that it’s all spiriual mumbo jumbo and that the meaning of such incredible spiritual wasteland was just subjective! Even if they saw Babylon in the wilderness covered in blasphemous names…

The threat of believing in revelations has been a bug bear for many groups carving out their final hour of rule, it’s to be labelled a conspiracy in order to maintain the order, by people who dislike the term survivor for survivors of mass paedophilia, who balk at satanic ritual abuse, who negate all human endeavour and suffering to the status of intelligent animals rather than look to ‘our’ traditional biblical enterpritations. They maintain that these normal reactions are overblown and needlessly fussy  and over puritanical saying humans should merely endeavour against all the trials we are thrown as life is a challenge with no end game (for them maybe) but not for Christians  Christian ideology is perceived as scarily zealous if living in the shadows of something seemingly threatened by it and always has been, those riding Babylons power structure have much to gain in the coming years through stoping an awakening they fear, look for their fear in what they write!

Those who the gods want to destroy they first make mad, Babylon mother of prostitutes and perverts has been  made mad on the blood of saints her traders were the worlds finest men, no more the sound of bride and groom (bride and bride -civil parterships or single) no more the sound of harps our laws and customs public music allowed in a Muslim state, but no drink culture, no feminism but no homosexuality, no Christian purpose in a future governed completely by the “other” and its in that sense that this a stage of the anti christ becomes clear, a time in which the morals and life we knew are dying! Good and bad were blurred long ago after the war and our efforts to rebuild with christian sanity were sabaotaged and mixed with the Frankfurt schools aims of mixing consumerism (Babylon) with (the scarlet beast ) a communist ideology that dismantled all that was virtuous, and without virtue it doesn’t matter wether these are the end times or not, but I will certainly not let any sociology philosopher or TV presenter decide for me, or whatever groups govern this universalism behind the scenes !


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