Battle of ideas was an eye opener feminists created the victimhood they hate.

We need to question why there is such a vile an anti victim backlash.

Sam Hill – Survivor with a Mission

I have struggled in my own critical thinking way for almost a year now to reconcile how people in the legal proffesion have this group think that is so unethical and out of date. The battle of ideas gave me an insight into a mindset that I’ve been aware of ( you could say studied ) most of my life beginning with my parents dismissive stern attitude to victimhood.

I realise now how lucky I am to have this insight, my schooling was practically over at 15 when I left school and I didn’t get pushed through the social engineering a lot of the poor students at the battle last week had been experiencing. I was never subjected to the trendy studies of feminism post men fem, pre men fem or as I was exposed to last weekend a self promoting pro men fem who is called inappropriately ( for…

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