We must stand up to media CSA prejudice!

There is too much media bias and cover up regarding CSA

Sam Hill - Survivor with a Mission

The endless stream of articles with the same slant and empirical attitudes even insulting the public intelligence with repeated hints of mob ignorance must be pointed out and remarked on. This won’t be hard as they always use the same words and themes, I will show you a few so you can help expose this agenda. The accused is always empathised with as in the recent Sunday Times article today. There is always I guarantee always a reference to either emotional weakness or mental weakness of CSA survivors or supporters. A common one is an old fashioned prejudice a medicalised term of oppression used on women to refer to a female being patronised or discredited with regards to her womb and emotional system – HYSTERIA. Obviously in a context of CSA it’s immensly derogatory and subjugating in fact I’ve only ever heard it used by men about people they want…

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