The power abuse pyramid of CSA

The way the power system promotes and protects statists not CSA survivors!

Sam Hill - Survivor with a Mission

I aim to explain as I did in my book in 2006 how the systems enforce a them and us scenario through the institutions structure itself, helped by aspirational  attitudes of employees, that keep everyone inline and not speaking out. You see the establishment itself is like a pyramid scheme. Power abuse is the nature of its system, and systems don’t work for people but they work well for processing. Perhaps this is why authorities have a natural affinity with abusers rather than abused. Like a darkly satanic code written within, dictating we are on top, we will not let you challenge what we do.

Nobody wants to be thought of as damaged as Diana was sometimes called, or upset important people or lose their jobs. The jails and mental institutions are full of child sex abuse survivors in high percentages, the reason is because abusers are somewhere nearer the…

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