Battle of ideas : Meeting the crew attempting the downfall of CSA campaigners!

I have struggled in my own critical thinking way for almost a year now to reconcile how people in the legal profession have this group think that is so unethical and out of date. The battle of ideas gave me an insight into a mindset that I’ve been aware of ( you could say studied ) most of my life beginning with my parents dismissive stern attitude to victimhood.

I realise now how lucky I am to have this insight, my schooling was practically over at 15 when I left school and I didn’t get pushed through the social engineering a lot of the poor students at the battle last week had been experiencing. I was never subjected to the trendy studies of feminism post men fem, pre men fem or as I was exposed to last weekend a self promoting pro men fem who is called inappropriately ( for wrong unfitting attitudinal reasons ) the factual feminist!

The pro men fem exhibited aspects found in my own mother the type who lived in the sixties ( probably should have remained there ) and wanted to live and proliferate the mixture of freedom to achieve, freedom to define your sexuality and not be the old fashioned norm, but at some huge expense. This is fine if you live in a bubble and want to justify the old movement and deny nature in favour of nurture as most cultural revoltionaries of the sixties did promoting poly morpheus perversity or gaining sexual pleasure from anything be it animate, inanimate, male, female as unobjectively as a baby playing with its toys. This factual feminist even gurgled and shook like a baby in danger of being denied her toys when she described ( factually ) her disdain for those hysterical panic mongerers who claim it’s more like rape culture now than a sixties love – in! Who are we the less empowered ( and factual ) to object to the views of this women? She seemed to superficially claim those back lashed men who’ve rightly had enough of the post men fems consent classes, again glory to the sixties guru who holds back their tide, riding the wave and waving to those drowning around. She hasn’t even seen the threat to national security UK child sexual abuse, and wasn’t trained to consider throwing a ring to those drowning in the European hell, the supposed utopia those old feminist planned. With this disassociation, feminist feelings only for far of suffering done on another scale to women in other countries is permissible. For here, all is art, all is sexuality, all is culture, all is one.

You see this is what they didn’t teach you in university or during the sixties this mish mass of identity politics and defining yourself by complex sexual identity, mental health diagnosis or supposedly liberating labels was designed to confuse society and make it impossible to stereotype which we all start doing as babies, yet a polymorphous perversity agenda wants to keep us in arrested development making it impossible to discriminate and therefore very tricky to police and ultimately give rights to in a court. Thats why they call it the nanny state, It’s aim is nearly achieved, the legal people throwing their hands up saying we can’t police all the variations of perversity, sexual desire bordering on abuse, so just as planned the cultural/sexual revolution has even reached the heirarchy confusing them in the process. Are they supposed to uphold the law or submit to the degeneration and use social control instead as the solution to the problem? Social experimentation and control was the cause, so they try to mend it using the same method having abolished any alternative vestige of care within a family, Christian or dreaded national orientation.

How can we redefine freedom this time around? Not as a sneering aging sixties monster who wants to call other women hysterical as a reward for her personal right to own her own power, achieve and stamp. Not by moving that imagined crowd hysteria into a paranoia of personal attacks calling people of a supposedly less enlightened panicked type, part of the cult of victimhood. We need to make it easier to adjust the power struggle that they enforced for those with status, easier to speak of abuse, easier to find litigation for people who need it. Attacks in the media about how victims are deranged when it compares them with powerful men, allegations are lurid, unspeakable, manipulated to be seen as more obscene to be spoken of than the crime itself by legal people with a disdain for those they have imaginings about, dangerous imaginings. Even projecting a mob desire for a sacrifice in the form of Janner wasn’t too low, how deluded can they get!

The sixties agenda was interested in redefining crime as anti social behaviour, but doing this by degrading the victim is surely obscene. The boundaries between what criminals are and what their victims are is being blurred as social engineers planned. The least of our worries is being a victim about being a victim ( one of their imaginings and their design ) Their allegiance is to the State hierarchy what ever that might be keeps them safe, the other allegiance is to trendy protected groups, but not the deserving labelled people of the kind they harass, CSA survivors can be stigmatised, children taken into care or reallocated under the guise of there being threat to future emotional harm, very unpatriotic nasty statism and victim blaming at its worst, but they need an outlet I suppose!

Luke Gittos has a book Why Rape Culture Is A Dangerous Myth and in the Amazon description he claims the police are accused of not doing enough within in a presumably imagined sexual abuse culture, funny how that’s changed now to the press and Panorama saying the police are doing too much over compensating for past mistakes. No such luck with these group thinkers in law and media, their gurus manipulate their protégés to change the set with the prevailing wind, after all the ethics are only for state defence. They even expect to influence those without an interest in joining their ranks. This was demonstrated by Luke’s response, calling my ideas dangerous during the debate, when I said consent meant nothing to the 1400 of Rotherham or 1000 of Saville, dangerous to doubt the state! So it’s very transparent, those who love the state to that degree have a vested interest and can wear any lambs clothing to preach convincingly, but when you see the set changed again to match their agenda it’s clearly just another back patting statist agenda being acted out. The police apparently now will believe anyone and are afraid according to Panorama and several newspapers, better change the book description Luke, no point in trying to reason with your friends many of us have tried and please leave the police to do their job.

I once mis enterprited this hatred of victimhood as a stoic left over from a dignified time or a middle class thing. I was wrong the sixties generation created it with the varying forms of delusion regarding female power and entitlement. Creating the cringe at victimhood that smears their dream. Victim blaming is no antidote, the numbers of U.K child sexual abuse survivors are far too great and they are not part of your liberation game.

I don’t sneer at cats in a cage I was one of them once, I had no meal ticket option which could take me near to the back patting statists. No reason to follow their lies to try and feed from their bowl. The cage of never having secure housing unless you become super profesional like them is the most nasty and baited place, but it should never lead to delusion like theirs. Never forget it’s not supposed to create a them and us of wealthy London elite liberals and the rest, that goes against the ethos doesn’t it? Or is that the problem the hypocritical mix of communist ideas and consumerism created this end time beast (end of culture as we know it) ridden by Babylon mother of all prostitutes and perverts spoken of in revelations 17:5 and 18:6. I would not want to be riding on the top of that, when the red beast devours it’s disgusting perverse colonial rider, I would want to stand far away from the weeping and wailing!

This entitlement to achieve female sexual domination/liberation is now a myth, just like Madonna claiming empowerment while in jail chained in a music video. A bit of fun in our youth is a right of passage but what then. The intimacy lacking can’t be projected in hopes of a happy family, for most it’s totally impossible to afford a flat let alone a family home. Your being made fools of in your youth retrained because the systems failed and they engineer you in the ways to stop you from seeing it.

Redefine all you like but you can’t bring back more traditional values that led to deeper love and security because you’ve been told to dance and shop till you drop with the pennies you’ve been left and never dream that dream, It’s a victimhood they hate and your never entitled to be a victim (although you may need to be an addict of some kind to enjoy the options left)

So if you have no other dream left to invest in, you will have years left to consider why your uncreated children and the protecting and nurturing of them has no value to the state (we are it’s babies) it’s self evident by the huge level of child sexual abuse in the UK (family making is probably a demeaning task anyway!)

Meanwhile the factual experimental feminists are right now cackling in the background having made their six shillings worth to pay the devil with on their exit.


10 thoughts on “Battle of ideas : Meeting the crew attempting the downfall of CSA campaigners!

    • Sam i’m asking you to check out my blog especially about Sabine, belinda, hoaxes..Victims Unite and some other blogs you promote are well known for attacking and undermining, survivors and our campaigns. If you have questions, i’m very happy to speak with you, to try and help you understand. Sheva.


  1. Hope you don’t mind my saying, Sam, I hate the use of the term, ‘victim’, or ‘survivor’.

    It only serves, to label, and marginalise the person.

    Now, we have ‘victims’, and ‘survivors’, of domestic abuse etc.

    In any social services assessments, we have written into the assessment CRITERIA/ the risk factors, for your child, that SS look for evidence of future emotional abuse/ neglect for removal to care

    And, history of sexual abuse, or, any abusive relationship, is such evidence.

    So, there is a sinister reason, to create victimhood, and survivors, and that is to control them, and, their lives.

    if either ,you are also deemed by state, psychologically damaged, and again a risk to others and self.

    Yes, often laudable ideas/ethos, do exactly the opposite, from what they purport to do.


      • Thought you did.

        But everyone takes offence so easily. This again, in itself, is an insidious form of censorship, placed in law by Equality Act

        Have asked a friend to have a look at your site.

        And I myself need to read and digest it, but very busy, as you can imagine, with lots of horror.

        We are living in a very insidious culture, deliberately created now, over at least 20 years, and it is now very dangerous from all aspects.

        Education/indoctrination of our young being particularly worrying.

        Hope you are well

        Best Wishes,



  2. We live in difficult times the truth is deliberately obfuscated the vulnerable treated badly we are bring many other vulnerable people from the terror created abroad perhaps this hides the true nature of what’s going on here. My past was a nightmare but I have all I want now, except access to justice.


  3. Excuse my spell check errors I’m on my electric bike stopped by the road to answer. Chat soon and all the best to you and all those who are aware, we need to give the others a nudge 🙂


  4. You’re right, along with everyone must have an abortion, and 375 mental disorders, its all a big con, to control society, and remake, and enslave, as they want, at present for control and profit.

    We should stick to objective, factual education, and encourage questions, and free thinking, less labelling and proper verbage— no hope in todays education system…


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