Psychiatric abuse as a cure for my memory of abuse…

imageimageThe images here are the elephant in the room as everyone who should assist turns away in cognitive dissonance! I was a threat to an elite ring in 86 at 16 I was in a relationship with one abuser who wanted to leave his wife for me and the others involved weren’t happy about it. He was treated at an elite psychiatric hospital and later on so was I. My scar in the photo was revealed by my partner after 29 years hidden. I tried to tell police tried for legal aide but all my efforts were a catalogue of serious state mishandling corrupting proceedings. I have records of all the silly judgemental misdemeanours of the nimby brigade who either had reason to silence through a link to the malpractice and abuse or were just careless it makes for an interesting read as the mistakes jump out when looked at closely. You’d imagine I would have options now but it’s proving hard to find a decent ones. The L shaped scar on the right of the the top X-ray has an indentation on the furthest right. The one below shows as two perfectly symmetrical white dots. I need expert corroboration but where will I find that? The question is quite pressing as although I’ve a recorded admission/discussion on all of this, much evidence has been lost and distorted by the authorities. I need an advocate! It’s all there for the seeing apart from that and I may have a chance at justice, look at my other pieces on WordPress that back this up. Advice welcomed.



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