We must stand up to media CSA prejudice!

The endless stream of articles with the same slant and supercilious attitudes even insulting the public intelligence with repeated hints of mob ignorance must be pointed out and remarked on. This won’t be hard as they always use the same words and themes, I will show you a few so you can help expose this agenda. The accused is always empathised with as in the recent Sunday Times article today. There is always I guarantee always a reference to either emotional weakness or mental weakness of CSA survivors or supporters. A common one is an old fashioned prejudice a medicalised term of oppression used on women to refer to a female being patronised or discredited with regards to her womb and emotional system – HYSTERIA. Obviously in a context of CSA it’s immensly derogatory and subjugating in fact I’ve only ever heard it used by men about people they want to put down due to imagined greater self control and logical mind yet in reality they are usually men who are emotionally illiterate or cruel and weak.

What these media people have been doing when hearing of CSA scandals in the past can be seen in the light of day now, it’s clearly exactly the same as what they are doing right now. Distorting the surrounding scene in which the scandals have been placed and levering them here and there with the props that proclaim one more equal than another by virtue of well… what ever they decide it seems, from the list of good attributes and bad ones that they constantly rehash!

The latest one even desperately accuses police of enjoying putting the powerful through a mangle! The public of relishing the spectacle of a witch hunt, that now we must see is one and therefore we the public should feel shame!

You couldn’t make it up although they seem to daily and it’s quite an amusing read from the Times and the usual flow of themes loved by Spiked and a few others on Twitter in the legal profession. The pack regurgitate and then the back patting starts!

The public is always being swayed emotionally (sometimes dangerously so) by the scandals and the alleged perpetrator has been cornered like a poor victim. The allegations are made to seem so nasty and lurid it’s almost the shame itself to repeat them without the need to wash ones mouth..we should be ashamed to think such things of the honerable….

The very reason we didn’t hear about the many scandals in the past is because it’s only now that they flooded this dam meant to hold it back! The separation of them and us relied on to defame can’t be held firmly when many have experienced the elites habits. The animal farm has been seen and read and can’t be re written. They are hoping in the press, that we will think as we’ve been told and believe them when they say it’s the level headed way!

If occasional mishandling of elite abuse does occur it really doesn’t equal those 1400 lives tarnished in one area alone. Where has the outrage gone regarding this? It’s gone back into the bottle to be remixed by the State to make the victim seem like the perpetrator again, we are the bad girls and boys whose characters have to be degraded for others to thrive! Well I think we need to stand up to the hypocrisy anyone else with me on that? Lets look for the themes that make a mockery of their sympathies rather than being mocked ourselves. It’s certainly the way people amid an establishment that protected paedophiles behave to march on following suit, but the general public are more intelligent than that and know that is the agenda that polished paedophiles rely on, the love of polish is what the State has in common with them and it provided a clever screen in the past.

The past is where primative attacks belong like the use of the word hysteria, it can’t be taken seriously anymore we are getting too educated to follow the wordings of a horde of worried yes men. I look forward to CSA articles of intelligence and without the usual slant, sadly I haven’t seen any from the mainstream press for a long time!


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