The Back Patting Statists Agenda Has No Affiliation With Social Justice !

Those exposing themselves as image worshipers remote from real critics have built from their group of yes men an impenetrable regime designed to self serve. Rightly resembling the glory, they set themselves up by loving themselves through loving those with those self serving money loving values. Their reality made from this is not a reality, as image is not substance. Real life substance is rejected because it’s not packaged right it’s something they manage though, with gloves on.

When I saw how out of touch these people were I had to go back to my childhood to find anything reminiscent of it. The way people were so nice and accepting of me in my wealthy neighbourhood, they used silly twee clichés too, they like to make you feel one of them if they feel you are not a potential angry hard done by outsider.

I find it an odd obsession to be an SRA (satanic ritual abuse) denialist, to the degree anyone networking material about satanic ritual abuse being real is targeted and if anyone believes it they are also out cast. As one article among the many with a CSA slant says be warned. They throw fear and praise inappropriately I’ve seen people who believe in that very nasty type of abuse (or experienced it) face that kind of exclusion as an automatic response expected of others. This is closely aligned to many articles written downplaying child sexual abuse and defending accused old men. So they don’t want satanists to exist (who might be blamed or accused)? so the statists think. Can any one expect justice from an interlinked cabal of this sort I doubt it, too many compromised. They don’t seem to be fighting for the oppressed or the survivor of my kind but as I described what they congratulate themselves on is supporting the state, like traitors but not disloyal to the state. I don’t like ist in general we are run by statist they allowed monumental child abuse and still they worship that monument. People of this persuasion should be reported to the SRA solicitor regulation authority not be given awards for being statists.

Someone else was rewarded for being a proponent of powerful groups being an advisor to Israel and Diana, actually rather a lot were perhaps that’s how it’s done!



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