Part 7 this is an IMPORTANT one abuser talks of another victim Sarah, and a psychiatrist helps distort events

He try’s to force me to go to police having set thing up with a psychiatrist to discredit me and section me when I did ! The psychiatrist had given us the go ahead for fertility treatment saying we were both well. I had just had a miscarriage from this at the time of recording he later sections me saying I had been unwell for around 18 months… The usual power corruption , the dates prove I was considered well only a few month before. He didn’t want to be seen in a bad light and twisted my explanation of what I was saying claiming I said I was given flashing lights and neck injection total lies !


Do I sound like a crazed half wit here who would say that kind of thing… No because he invented it, from a calm determined description of my being at the Grovelands Priory where David has also been treated. Not only did this psychiatrist cover the backs of his own proffesion. He had supported David many were taken in by him, it wouldn’t look good that he supported us having a family if what I had said was proven true !




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