I was falsely arrested by my abusers testimony here are the interviews!

My interview with police giving evidence about this man showing his threatening texts if I spoke out were not recorded by the police. They never asked me back to give evidence after this recording. I was imprisoned by trickery they said come in and answer questions I was fingerprinted and held in a cell for over 4 hours. The two who reported me were his besotted female friend who had a young daughter and himself, the state also had a lot of reason to want me silenced then it is a very odd way to police… Funny I don’t seem mentally ill as they always want to imply! The usual confused handling when they did anything regarding me, here they claim I was arrested in a different town when I walked in with my friend because I had been asked to talk to them, and no I didn’t talk to them afterwards when they realised all there mistakes as usual no one was interested.

This manipulative confused mentally unwell character on my return to my hometown (I was homeless) became involved with me. He exploited my false reputation further I felt pity for him and was confuse about my feelings as he had abused me in a non aggressive way asking if he could kiss me etc when I was nearly 13 at my dads work I had found him attractive so I didn’t know how to feel as I had been groomed and abused several years before. This working it out together process ended me up in prison. I will never feel pity for a paedo who cries or says they only did it once ever again, I have had my liberty taken away by them and given no normal investigations.


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