A bit of video evidence !

 This was recorded last Christmas I have not seen or spoken to my grandparents for years since they were chaperoned by my parents toward a convenient shared purpose of keeping things quiet. They rarely make full admission about the past although sometimes it is spoken about as it was here in the video. Christmas’s that were strained and faked were canceled by them three years ago when I became more independent with my devoted partner and my book out there that my dad said could be picked up on . CSA scandals had started appearing in the news regularly at that time too, doubtlessly causing extra unease.

Here I talk about the relationship that caused my silencing in 1986 at 16. The hospital is discussed I’ve blanked out names and places though because I’ve seen so many people treated unjustly by the state before.

I will be going more public on all this very soon though, the places and events through interviews will be covered in much more depth.

Many more tapes and video evidence to come with identities shielded as best I can for the moment.

This was a document of when my legal aid hearing was corrupted, by the usual state meddling somehow head of housing travelled fifty miles to my hearing and asked If I would sue the health authority. Who told him what I was doing is a mystery, my solicitor perhaps. I had recently made a complaint about one of the connected medical people a friend of my abuser, who had prevented my name being put forward for housing after lying and doing nothing about it for many months, so the fact that head of housing appeared regarding this is likely to be linked. It mentions the fact the private hospital is out of the county, the relevance of this is lessened by the fact the GP group of complicit friends was very much in the locality of all that happened.

The other members withdrew because of his bias as you can read its dated 1999. I had also gone to the police a year before all this where I was dismissed before I could even talk about the paedophile ring.


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