Challenge to writers with a different CSA agenda, try to write without resorting to implied hysteria !

A persistent group are trying to project their agenda to distort any way they can regarding the CSA inquiry in general.

Sam Hill - Survivor with a Mission

When every article written contains crusading language directed at those beginning to pull back the cover on past CSA, you could be forgiven for imagining (be it a little conspiratorial to think) that there is an agenda.

When every article is then shared among gloating and fawning initiates who praise the same word use but crafted in a different format, be it cartoon satire one week or blood and gore in Vietnam symbolising an imagined witchunt against elite the next. When Zealous writers and legal professionals talk collectively of a tawdry unpleasant spectacle, caused by morally corrupt imaginings of accusers, who have a battalion of biased press or mobs that only see life through a prism of moral depravity (that is of course not the middle class way so we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads).This is the state protectors way projecting their own rapacious attitudes on people who don’t…

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