Unnatural responses to current CSA scandals on Twitter !

When this began for me around a month ago it was like a sick joke. Boldly out of step louts with varying degrees of authority came from the woodwork even though the screening  power facades they usually hid behind had been slipping, out they trotted  as if riding on a band wagon of overly confident ponies spewing vitrionic abuse and contempt for the current state of affairs and survivors, they are writers for magazines, legal professionals, barristers and people who love to group mock.

Admitedly this group must have somehow been socially engineered by a lowering of standards, the place we arrived at in time and history is fitting for them to have become the enpowered group hungry to govern and have their one hour of power to rule like a beast.

Hate filled attitude to imagined victimhood yet perversely sought when it fits a strange feminist or modern niché not a deserving one. Perhaps they were given a ride by pushy parents and an unsound basis for self belief, a qualification to hide behind a mean minded low attitude based around power not old fashioned values. The shock that the status earned can be scrutinised and fallible was something they weren’t schooled about and there isn’t a way to elevate beyond what they are under scrutiny. They would never have made it on an even playing field where a meritocracy instead of the monied mouthy new age group rule.

It’s a sad reflection of our times that these people, ill suited to power have aligned themselves with power. If we hadn’t been influenced by an era of the magic roundabout, the Tiswas seventies and eighties over promoting misfits like Saville and many others who turned out to be paedophiles, these types would be too crass to be found within power or wouldn’t exist in their current state.

They wouldn’t be defending their system with such clumsy cruelty. Its because the social experiment failed, we promoted people with a ‘pushy different and indifferent outlook’ without those time tested finer qualities once valued, causing these middle men of social control and higher level to run amuck becoming a denatured mob defending abuse. They try to impress with astute pushy attitudes, logic, law, science, mental health. They own these realms as if by advantage of anchoring aside a profession with utter contempt for the human experience of those in the real world. With such astonishing lack of insight they have theoretically earned the mark of the beast they ride so merrily to Westmonster.

Instead of respectability when we look up, we see a shell resembling the original form of heirachal order. Someone switched the diamond for these players when we weren’t watching and they made a look and feel of power by using books, childishly pretentious words and the law. See beyond the image they use and peek inside the shell like structure of our institutions the original inhabitant has left leaving no pearls, just wolves wearing the sheeps coat and white wigs of power on heads of those fumbling, base and naked without them.

No wonder they debasedly mock survivors and tease about so called ludicrous satanic abuse claims! They are no doubt made almost completely mad by their associations, so stuck like PIE to the establishment that a custard pie in the face is about all it’s worth to them in their tiswas Chris Tarrent pie throwing event of debauched impotent power.

I know I may be out of touch with their world but it’s shocking to find such low behaviour mixed with arrogance. How has this been fostered? It seems simply put that they relish and the system allows being in, at the cost of those who aren’t. My book An Oath To Hell explores these sad types glued to their mummy the States side. Brainwashed instant responses and aversion to thought. Victimhood is something they do so fully understand because it’s not of them they decide outcomes opinions, formed by professional rules and officiousnes to hide behind when mummy state skirts not near.

They are allowed to feel radical in viciousness the trendy state allows, some perverse freedoms but radical thought scares them as its not part of training and not needed, and could threaten their host.

Child abuse is somehow distasteful and they would rather it handled directly in a Gulag as clearly it’s not managed very well emotionally or physically or legally by them. These attitudes are repeated look at my timeline ! The sad ill educated so called writers of this are praised for abominations in wording upholding a system that can’t cope with emprisoning the sheer numbers of abusers and can only contain survivors of it separately away from their embarrassing power structure. We mustn’t realise this or cause offence with ‘bleating’ another animalistic term used by those sadly other worldly state enforcers.

Have we have sunk so low that this appears acceptable? The Stalinistic scheme of a therapeutic state and impotent society carved out by baying state policing savagery? Therapeutic state was the stage of losing moral balance predicted and aimed for by Marxists aiming to bring down society.The never mind morals society trained to see moral panic instead of natural outrage. I wonder when they will realise that they are now acting as the nuevo elite that was long predicted, that ends all that silly unnecessary moralising and carries out a destructive enforcement of state power for powers sake alone devouring everything in its path. Wiping away with contempt real law and justice of the old order by denying large numbers justice in any way. A society that doesn’t know what the weight and the balance on those scales even means any more!

I won’t be considered part of a scourge, forcing unlawful trials of poor pathetic old men, oh and then the silly Stalinistic courts outburst when a writer is looking for an analogie. Not as if the analogie of the cause is ever taken into account, an analogie of epidemic abuse of power, sexual abuse en mass that reaches the proportions of being a national threat. Can authorities not deal with this sympathetically, no of course not, they don’t have a connection to us and want to portray survivors as a group that is a mob like an uprising, saying we have Stalinistic revolutionary attributes ! The pot has been calling the kettle black for too long, making Stalins order to rape en mass seem like a code of conduct for modern day Britain.


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