Alarmist journalism turning the fire back onto survivors and supporters

It’s is deeply saddening to see how groups of aligned professional people form to slander the voiceless survivors whom they probably know little about. Often falsely stereotyping as over emotional. Most alarming is that some of these people are supposed to represent us in court or the media, yet have already decided that if found guilty Janner never received justice because of an imagined “baying” crowd at the doors of (justice) using the term loosely and their words.

Language used in articles and tweets can only be described as inciting emotions and predudices against survivors of mass cover up, in favour of one of their own.

Demonstrating well what predudices survivors face from the legal services we turn to, how compromised and weak the judgement we can expect will be when a protected person actually appears in the dock.

Tactics you would expect from paranoid people expecting a threat, the words Baying, fuelled by survivors vengeance imagined and real, trial by twitter storm as if the threat to national security was our patient dismay on discovering how this system works, and on knowing this they develop perverse arguments grabbed from the inquiry…”how can survivors be people involved with us here in law” they are survivors..separate! That separateness must have been a corner stone of predudice and persecution for many survivors of many kinds throughout history. Yet it’s repeating and they sadly in an attempt to self protect point the finger at us! Such scaremongering I’ve read drawing on many war time comparisons that have the case sorely wrong. Our institutions have been infiltrated and brought down but hardly by us.

We clearly don’t intend to invade the legal system but have been exclude entirely from it in most part for a long time. I am hoping the enquiry will deal with this type of opposition from at least three people in the legal professional in the past days who spun stories of anti semitism in some honerable places where none was found…promoting a flood of professionals in law to lash out at survivors. As the top celebrity abuse investigator had explained this person had been blocked. When asked to explain some of his premises for prejudice bringing on the janner case, the only comments found were made by public about ethnicity of victims due to the fact they were from children’s homes therefore readily available for abuse. We were made to feel on trial as if we must clearly see this evil and adhere to the suffering of survivors many decades ago over our own, it’s not a competition to see who is a true survivor, and it was never about race unless it’s been twisted so by ideology to prevent thorough investigation as we’ve seen in other cases.

The threat to the security of our children has been in the hands of people trained to join with other professionals by instinct. Its time we put children’s rights above all others.

The defend the status quo mentality, that so many sad individuals hide behind has to go in order to provide social justice and a safe society.

This won’t happen by people writing sanctimonious articles about dangerous times of Stalinist courts, the system taken over .You largely did it to yourselves by neglecting the connection you should have had with children abused in children’s homes. Despite it being concealed by clever sympathisers in the very places that are supposed to protect children. It was there in astronomical numbers. What were you all doing?

Its sad your profesional has been brought into disrepute by yourselves but look inwardly for a change.

Many love the system more than ordinary people it provides a shiny badge that can meld into your own identity, and give a sense of self righteousness to all your attitudes.

I have been shocked by what I’ve read lately and now almost given up on the system of justice after such shocking childish behaviour.

Defenders of the abused accused of abusing a due process which in itself was poorly applied…Abusing is a word that needs looking at here have a look at the numbers that scare you so much that have experienced cover up.

Look how non aligned with any organisations we are how patiently we await justice and how non status or ethno centric we are, now have a look at yourselves and see what can be done.

Soon enough we will educate ourselves as a nation about hidden groups be it masons common purpose religious or elite groups of any kind.

Does that pose a threat to people like Cameron who wanted us to turn away as he desperately brings in another community to hide behind to muddy waters as legal professionals did recently. Witch hunt being an inappropriate word on both counts.

I look forward to the csa inquiry investigating fully our institutions to root out the rotten teeth you seem so sad to lose one at at time as we were silenced and rooted out of our progression in the past…I am making lists of legal people making prejudiced comments about  CSA survivors there are so many, again without substance a real witch hunt of those already hunted by elite for perversion.

I hope we find some balance and some common purpose !


4 thoughts on “Alarmist journalism turning the fire back onto survivors and supporters

  1. BRAVO, Sam! Just learned about you from a colleague . I had just published this post where I concluded that ‘they’ want survivors and whistleblowers in prisons and mental hospitals to keep the ‘people processing industry’ going from the ‘public gravy train’. For ultimately it’s always about money, sex or both, it seems. In any case COMPLETELY despicable!


  2. Sam, really well put, hopefully some of us can collaborate to challenge this, but at the same time, the reality is, that some groups are actively provoking this, too. I believe purposefully, tho their followers are some well intentioned, some ill informed, some too knew to this to know, some desperate. But most sincere, credible sites, campaigners, see the game, most ignore, but like the hollie case, this is being relentlessly driven, to if possible viralisation, causing the very controls that will damage us. IMHO I enjoyed your speech, I couldn’t be there… but saw the videos.


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